Formal Management Referrals

EAP Case Managers are available 24/7 for management phone consultations, and/or team consultations with Management and Human Resources regarding any employee situation.

We encourage Managers and Human Resources to keep the focus on an employee’s behavior, not their personal issues, when performance or productivity becomes an issue. We train Managers on how to recognize, observe, document and take action as situations arise. Furthermore, we guide them through the formal management referral process step by step. Finally, our promotional materials and Supervisor Newsletters further educate Managers and Human Resource professionals on these matters, while simultaneously reinforcing the training they receive.


Once a formal management referral is made, the EAP Counselor assigned to that case follows up with Human Resources and the referring Manager on a daily basis until the employee contacts the EAP for his or her intake. If treatment is recommended, the EAP Counselor regularly consults with the employee’s treatment professionals regarding the treatment plan, goals, objectives, and progress or lack thereof. Periodic status reports are given to Human Resources and the referring Manager concerning the employee’s level of compliance. However, all matters related to the employee’s protected health information remain strictly confidential.


Our EAP Counselors work together with Managers and Human Resources Departments to ensure adherence to the referring company’s policies and procedures, with the goal being to improve the employee’s job effectiveness, productivity, and overall health and wellbeing.

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