Return on Investment

Measuring Results

The cost of an employee assistance program is a small percentage of a company’s total budget. However, when EAP services are effective, they can have a sizable impact on improving an organization’s bottom line. 


To ensure that our clients realize this effectiveness, Care Plus Solutions employs the Workplace Outcome Suite (WOS-5), a scientifically validated tool and EAP best practice to measure and evaluate the work-related outcomes of our EAP services. The WOS-5 measures absenteeism, presenteeism, work engagement, life satisfaction, and workplace distress. This short, 5-item measure is completed before use of EAP services, and then at a 90-day follow-up period after EAP use. 


This method of measure makes certain that we are providing quantifiable results to our client companies that translate into them saving money.

Reduction in Health Care Costs

Many of our EAP cases are resolved without using healthcare benefits. This is beneficial for employers, as elevated insurance claims can lead to higher premiums, due to insurers basing premium increases on an employer’s overall claims history. 


One startling realization comes in the form of unresolved alcohol or substance use problems. It is not uncommon to see individuals with these challenges get caught in the “revolving door” of acute care (medically managed detox and inpatient treatment). EAP assessment, referral, follow-up, and case management leads to employees sustaining their recovery long-term, and the mitigation of relapse potential.

Active Promotion

Because research shows that promoting the EAP to employees yields higher utilization, and thus, improves employee productivity and saves company dollars, our organization makes this a priority. EAP promotion is an essential component to the success of our partnerships.

Behavior Risk Management

Our Management Assistance Program (MAP) aids organizations in avoiding litigation on potential harassment claims, accidents and workplace violence.